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More Late Releases and Real News

So, I have been something of a slacker recently, or at least when it comes to keeping things up to date here on the site. For that, you have my apologies. I will do my best to keep this from becoming any more of a trend than it has already been.

With that all said, how about we move on to the actual news for around here. First up, we have the podcast news. As I am sure many noticed, Obesity was one of the things that got effected by my laziness, but the latest episode is now up and ready to grab. Also working on getting some things in place soon for Brian to be able to do a blog that can go with the show to cover the food journal so he no longer has to do excerpts. Next in line is Other Chats, which is presently taking on open requests to be on the next batch of episodes that will start recording soon. You can see details on that in this post on Google+ if you are interested.

Next in line are our current publications. Book of Ezeikel will be getting a chapter posted on Friday, and that will be the last chapter posted for that story for a little while. Jake has decided to put that one on the shelf in favor of focusing on his other publication. Speaking of that, White Lights will be getting an overhaul. First off, it is being moved to a Friday release date, start this Friday. It will also be getting expanded to ten (10) pages for each chapter release, also starting this Friday - so keep an eye out for all of that.

In closing, we will have a little site news. Obviously I mentioned blogs earlier in this post, and that will likely be one of the next in a series of major changes that will likely all be coming at once. This will constitute some slight design changes and additions, better layouts for content, and some comment options on content live on the site for people to drop feedback (good or bad) with. This will be coming with a number of back-end changes for the staff of the site as well, so it will really kick things into overdrive. I do not want to give any kind of dates for this yet, but know that it is coming as soon as I can make it doing this independently.

Posted By: Alex Huilman Date: 24 April 2012

Late Releases

Sorry for the delay, I was a slacker and just got the Friday releases posted. I have no good excuse for this, I was just lazy last night. Either way, the new stuff is up and available. Also, Jake had some issues with the latest chapter of his story, so that has not yet been posted (more on that when it is available).

Posted By: Alex Huilman Date: 14 April 2012

The Other Chats & The Book of Ezeikel

UpdatesTime for that usual Friday thing, and a round of new content coming to you directly. We are pleased to bring you what is now the standard affair of content in a new episode of The Other Chats, and a new chapter of The Book of Ezeikel.

Also, don't forget that Obesity: The True American Dream will be kicking into full gear in the next couple of weeks. Brian has been getting work in on the preperation front of things, so we expect it to be a pretty big success. Beyond that, we are still working diligantly to bring you even more great and new content, so keep your eyes peeled!

In regards to the site itself (since we also like to try and give you site news on Friday as well), things have slowed a bit. The only thing I want to say right now on this is that I can promise the next website update will be a rather major one in regards to functionality and interaction. While you wait for that, don't forget to engage us on Google+ and other social networking sites we may be on individually - we love hearing from you.

Posted By: Alex Huilman Date: 06 April 2012

New Month, New Content

UpdatesSo, it is Monday, it is April, and we have some new content for your viewing pleasure. A new chapter in The White Lights is posted and available in the Publications section. Be sure to pop in and keep up with all the current goings on.

As has started to be a trend with content releases (since our site is still pretty young), we have also kicked out some code updates tat were fairly reaching. Every page of the site has been altered on the backend to some degree, which means a potential chance something may have went wrong (even with testing in a Dev environment). We ask our users to be sure and let us know if they encounter anything strange or amiss now that this update is live.

Posted By: Alex Huilman Date: 02 April 2012

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